Amy Exhibition 

Today I have visted the Jewish Museum in Camden, London. The exhibition was a beautiful mix of Amys personal thoughts, clothers and items. It was all put together by her brother. The exhibition was a interesting timeline of Amys short life. It gave you a very much deeper insight into how Amy was as a child, and the sort of music she grew up with. It was also suprising to see how intelligent she actually was as a person. And how insecure she was about how clever she was. She had a box where she used to hide all her word puzzles. Which she clearly enjoyed. Towards the end of the exhibition there were very touching post it notes filled with lovely messages from vistors, thanking Amy for her incredible music and humor. Amys legacy will live on for years, and this exhibition is a great example of that. So thank you Amy! For your original beautiful music and style.

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